Do tell me, what do you see?


When you look at a friend: what do you see? Do you notice their stature or how they have their hair? Is it their clothes that draw your attention? Or is it something else? Something that expresses their essence, their wholeness, with the tone of the present showing up in the way they hold themselves … Read more

On the joy of deep friendship


Surrounded by multitudes, we can still be alone. And the number of ‘likes’ isn’t an indication of genuine relationships. Yet even in this world of temporary connections, shiny objects and manufactured perfection, we can still cultivate true friendships. That is, if we are willing to be open and vulnerable and, with grace, embrace our respective … Read more

Being grounded is a collective act


There’s being grounded, and being grounded. One is when you’re not allowed out to play (or fly). Whereas the other is being planted and rooted on ground that will hold you upright. Both involve others, yet the grounding we want requires us to be truly connected. Because I don’t think we can be that kind … Read more

We don’t have to walk on our own


Today, I simply want to appreciate walking companions. For many years I thought I was walking on my own. For a whole raft of reasons, I couldn’t see the others. Yet, they were always there if I had only paused and looked around. OK, they don’t necessarily look like us or sound like us. So … Read more

How do we want to be remembered?


‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ + Maya Angelou in conversation with Brené Brown