Quiet disruptors are already creating change without shouting.

People like Bernadette Jiwa, David Hieatt and Krista Tippett. Or less familiar faces such as Amos Doornbos, Sarah Corbett and Steve Marshall. All these and many more are quiet disruptors. And their voice is growing.


As a thoughtful and creative change-maker, who challenges the way things are, you may not feel seen and heard.

The good news is this is changing.

People and organisations are waking up to the significant shifts taking place in our world, and starting to notice those with fresh things to say. Because we no longer need slick answers and short-term thinking that ignores the real issues. Instead, we need more curiosity, creativity and courageous connections.

And we are waiting for you.


Hello, I’m Sue Heatherington, and I’m a quiet disruptor.

I’m passionate about inspiring, encouraging and provoking you to become the change you want to see.

Creating space to appreciate the bigger picture and to see yourself more clearly. Helping you find the others, develop your voice and make your space to flourish.

Because it is time for the new change-makers, those who speak softly about things that matter and change the conversation for good.

We need you.


As you explore, you’ll discover The Manifesto for Quiet Disruptors, details about the book, and the podcast, which is my reading of the book in 12 episodes. There is also the archive of a short daily blog post—a pause point—which I have been writing since 2018. In February 2023, it transferred to my personal site, SueHeatherington, but you can also sign up here.

Cheering you on from The Waterside – a little valley in South West Wales.