We don’t have to walk on our own

Today, I simply want to appreciate walking companions.

For many years I thought I was walking on my own. For a whole raft of reasons, I couldn’t see the others.

Yet, they were always there if I had only paused and looked around.

OK, they don’t necessarily look like us or sound like us. So we might not recognise them.

However, maybe that’s the point. We need complementary companions, not clones. That way, we are stronger and more resilient.

Because they beautifully make up the lack in us, together we can see more possibilities than we can on our own.

So to all those who have been kind enough to walk with me, even at a distance – thank you. Sorry I’ve been a bit pig-headed at times.

I wonder, who might you want to appreciate as your travelling companions?

Stories from Women Who Walk

One of my newer companions is Diane Wyzga from Whidbey Island in the beautiful Puget Sound in Washington State.

She worked her magic and persuaded me to be a guest on her podcast, Stories from Women Who Walk.

Part 1 shipped this week, and some kind folk are saying it’s worth listening to…


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