Creating change without shouting

24 Oct 2020

Can we create change without shouting? I believe so. As I’ve looked at the work and lives of people across the globe, I see the fruit of this new kind of changemaker. Because it’s no longer about what you know, where you live or what’s your background. Instead, people are pursuing things that are important […]

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What is the shape of water?

23 Oct 2020

What shape is water? A thoughtful reflection stirred as I watched the stream in the dappled sunlight yesterday afternoon. What shape is water? And what can it teach us about how to be in this world – with beauty, transparency and intent? Let us bless the humility of water,Always willing to take the shapeOf whatever […]

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Seeing through the weeds

22 Oct 2020

Here’s the thing about weeds: sometimes they are and sometimes they’re not. There are many things in life which when they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time are weeds. They choke us up and prevent us from flourishing. However, let’s not always assume that what feels out of place hasn’t got a purpose […]

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Do you need a mid-something pause?

21 Oct 2020

Walking in the valley this morning, I was struck by the inexorable passage of autumn. Yes, that means running in semi-dark and always going out with wellies (gumboots if you’re not from the UK). And as I paused to observe the light rain collecting on yellowing leaves across a damp landscape, I realised I was […]

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Being open to noticing what we don’t see

20 Oct 2020

What do you see? When you look at the photograph I took this morning in the slightly dismal autumn light, what do you see? You may have particularly noticed the tree in the foreground. And see that its base is in line with the ground. This is how far the alpacas can reach up to […]

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Expanding our sight to see the layers

19 Oct 2020

As I drove back home through the lanes, I noticed the vast expanse of an incoming weather front in the sky above. We have a lot of sky in Wales. But this sight was unusual, to see the sky so clearly divided between heavy cloud and clear blue. Turning into our little lane, I saw […]

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