Open to surprise

07 Jul 2020

Being open to surprise. Do the possibilities excite you and you love the anticipation of the unexpected? The gift of delight. Or perhaps you go all out to uncover what might catch you off guard – in advance. Whose surprise is it anyway? Just wondering.

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Seeing inside out

06 Jul 2020

What I see depends on where I’m standing. And this is both physical and perceptual. I can’t see places my eyes can’t reach. And even what I see on my screen is cropped. I can’t see everything, but I can see where I choose to look. But even where I choose to look is coloured […]

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Coming home

04 Jul 2020

Home holds different things for each of us. Let’s pause and make sense of our greater belonging – both to ourselves, each other and the wider world.

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Quiet disruptors?

03 Jul 2020

Who are the quiet disruptors? These are the thoughtful and creative changemakers who have something to say because they want to change the conversation for good. What about you? … Today I wanted to put a stake in the ground – a magnificent thistle from the valley – because I finished the second draft of […]

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Where is wisdom?

02 Jul 2020

Where do we look for wisdom? How do we recognise it? I suspect it doesn’t look like cleverness, but it’s certainly not stupid. Something to ponder, perhaps… O perpetual revolution of configured stars,O perpetual recurrence of determined seasons,O world of spring and autumn, birth and dying!The endless cycle of idea and action,Endless invention, endless experiment,Brings […]

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Clever or wise?

01 Jul 2020

What we see depends on what we’re looking for. If you want cleverness, I suspect you’ll want to measure both it and you. It’s a rating. Can I win this argument or at least be higher up the ladder? But if you want wisdom, you’ll probably be looking through a different lens. Often in a […]

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