Listening well

18 Jan 2020

Recognising our need to slow down, turn off the noise and be present in order to hear and be heard, and offer the gift of listening to others.

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Pipe down!

17 Jan 2020

Whilst we may put listening armour in place to protect us being drawn into areas we don’t want to go, Karena de Souza rightly suggests that the bigger issue is a defence against noise overwhelm. We can easily drown in the barrage of noise and information that flows our way. Every day. And in dealing […]

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Listening armour?

16 Jan 2020

What kind of armour do we put on as a shield to listening? I am asking because I think we do this subconsciously, as self-protection. It prevents things we might hear – be exposed to – penetrating too deeply. Muffling our listening capacity, but not doing so as a conscious act. Might this be an […]

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Listening together?

15 Jan 2020

One of the most powerful experiences of listening is doing it together. Think about your shared experience of music. Just the act of intentionally listening to something with others is awesome, especially if it’s live. It’s hard to put into words, yet the experience lives on in multi-dimensions. Often for years to come. ‘Do you […]

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Listening and hearing

14 Jan 2020

We hear all the time. It’s the physical action of sound waves on our eardrums. We don’t choose whether to hear. But we do choose whether to listen.

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Space to listen

13 Jan 2020

Listen – simply hear the words Notice – I may have chosen words for a reason And if words come tumbling out – that’s for a reason too Listen to the space in between Let’s not fill it up straight away We each make our own meaning And we each need space for other’s meaning […]

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