Choosing to be alive today

25 Nov 2020

Honestly, what am I telling myself about today? Is the story about possibilities, or constraints, or am I waiting for someone else to give me a story, so I don’t have to own the narrative? Is this just another day, or is it today? The only day I can fully live.

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Threshold of a new day

24 Nov 2020

We cross thresholds every single day of our lives. There is the point where we awaken to a new dawn. Yesterday is passed, we cannot go back there, and we step into a new day. Like the saying of Heraclitus: “No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it’s not the same river […]

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The stories we tell ourselves

23 Nov 2020

The stories we tell ourselves are compelling. They shape how we see the world, ourselves and each other. They are hard to unsee, but are they serving us well? What’s the fruit?

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What shapes our inner being?

21 Nov 2020

Don’t worry, this isn’t a big philosophical rant, though maybe it’s a timely exploration. While I don’t have the answer, I do know a little about the environment, the landscape in which we are formed. Sure, our individual genesis gave us our DNA. And we didn’t have much control over our experiences in childhood. Actually, […]

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And who is waiting for you?

20 Nov 2020

I’ve been carrying this question around for a while. In various posts and poems, I’ve ended with the sense that somehow the world is waiting for us to step up and step out. To begin. To create new paths. To continue to pursue this different way of being. But who exactly is that? And does […]

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New beginnings are rarely big steps

19 Nov 2020

Don’t be fooled; new beginnings rarely happen with a splash. Yes, when innovation and new ways of doing things start to gain traction, they may appear like a bolt out of the blue. But that’s not the genesis. They start with the tiniest of insights that just catch our attention and stir our curiosity. And […]

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