Quiet disruptors – a timely paradox

19 Jan 2021

For most of us, this is the most significant upheaval we’ve ever been through. However, I’d suggest that this time of change and chaos has an underlying tectonic shift, one that’s now gathering pace. There are many indications that this is the birth of the post-modern, post-industrial era. And the thing with births is that […]

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A different kind of hope

18 Jan 2021

We all need hope. However, neither I nor anyone else can be your hope. As hard as we try, we will always fail you. And as much as we long for the comfortable assurance of a ‘silver bullet’ to put everything right, there isn’t one. There is no watertight quick fix. There can’t be because […]

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The Manifesto for Quiet Disruptors

16 Jan 2021

Because it’s time to change the conversation, for good. Have you noticed? We’re shifting from one era to the next. From the modern, industrial age where there were linear and predictable answers, to a complex, interconnected and volatile world. Where what we do affects who others become and impacts our whole environment, without us fully […]

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15 Jan 2021

Is a posture, a way of seeing and being in the world, which changes everything. And because abundance is neither possessions nor a right, it’s not compatible with control. It’s a gift to enjoy and to share.

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Keep on sowing seeds

14 Jan 2021

Are we waiting for the one, the right seed to plant? It can be tempting to wait for the perfect seed, the one that’s going to yield the most fruit and be the strongest version of itself. But this isn’t how nature works. Neither should we.

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Breathing in and breathing out

13 Jan 2021

In and out, a natural flow, and we do it without thinking–most of the time. It’s an exchange of life that usually we take for granted. The rhythmic breathing of rest that tells us all is well. The deep breathing of changing atmospheres when we catch the smell of delicious food or delight in fresh […]

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