The delight of not being singular

08 Feb 2023

Our English language values precision. Words sit in boxes. And we talk about “dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s.” Yet life is not singular, and neither is action discrete. We live on a connected continuum. I do, and I keep on doing – present continuous. And who I am is an expression of being, […]

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Yielding to the natural rhythms of life

07 Feb 2023

At its heart, patience is giving up our fight with time. ‘Patience is developed much like awareness. Through an acceptance of what is. Impatience is an argument with reality. The desire for something to be different from what we are experiencing in the here and now. A wish for time to speed up, tomorrow to […]

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Patience isn’t the same as being slow

06 Feb 2023

One can be measured. The other cannot. Patience is required for crafting a work thatresonates and contains all that we have to offer. + Rick Rubin, from The Creative Act: A Way of Being, Cannongate 2023

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Life is being beautifully formed

04 Feb 2023

Is it that time already? Clumps of early daffodils stake their claim to the path’s edge, as they always do. Yet I am always surprised by their appearance. And astonished that everything necessary for their flowering is there in the bulb. Just waiting to emerge. SURPRISED BY LIFE Autumn receivesthe yielding.Cradling thesoft tissue oflife, and […]

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Musing on What it’s all about

03 Feb 2023

Reflecting, having both the urgency and the opportunity to pause. To ask the bigger questions of life that easily get caught up in surviving. I return to the words that frame who I am and who I want to be: May I live this day Compassionate of heart,Clear in word,Gracious in awareness,Courageous in thought,Generous in […]

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Sitting in winter’s sun

02 Feb 2023

Soaking up the rays and listening to the birds. What might the air say today? What might the breeze carry as a beautiful gift? Who needs the presence of this place? Who needs permission to pause? Here…

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