What are you noticing?

24 Jul 2021

I took this photograph the other evening. Yet, I could so easily have missed its beauty. Sometimes we’re too busy to notice, not recognising the riches of being still. So we hunt for the big answers when what we need to hear is whispering in our ear. Slow down a while, and be quiet. What […]

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Choosing to be quiet…

23 Jul 2021

… or else we will not hear.

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We are not lost…

22 Jul 2021

We are not lost…we just need to pause,put away ourold maps,see where we arewith fresh eyes,  hear the soundof the worldwith open ears,  and make  a new path.Together.

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Choosing a different kind of path

21 Jul 2021

Treadinga new path ofunknowing releasesfresh possibilitiesof walkingtogether in a waywe haven’t knownbefore, becauseit’s not aboutthe destination.

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Why might we welcome disturbance?

20 Jul 2021

Sometimes our language is simply too narrow. We have one word when we need several with more nuance. ‘Disturbance’ is one of them. There’s a world of difference between being disturbed by something repulsive and something that questions our mindset, enabling us to see with a healthier perspective. The word also doesn’t allow for timeliness. […]

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Befriending the unknown

19 Jul 2021

An invitation to largeness, to a space bigger than we can imagine or occupy. That stretches beyond the horizon of our sight. And extends into time beyond our present. A place of conversation with our vulnerability that releases the fragrance of possibility. Will we choose to befriend the unknown or keep the door tightly closed?

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