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15 Dec 2018

‘I am not complete without you.’ What an amazing thought that binds our story with others and tells us that we’re connected, that belonging is a birthright.

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An invitation

14 Dec 2018
an invitation

What, an invitation! What an invitation! It’s amazing what a little comma can do… I wonder which is your normal reaction. If we believe that we are not alone, and who we are and what we do matters, then perhaps we become more free to respond positively. Who is gathering you and what is your […]

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We are not alone

13 Dec 2018
we are not alone

Did you know that you are not alone? The fact that you are reading this means that you are connected to other people who are reading this. And that means that there are others like us. Thoughtful changemakers who want to believe that we can make a difference by being authentic to who we are. […]

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The gift of questions

12 Dec 2018
the gift of questions

We don’t really think of questions as gifts. But in our information-saturated world, how we make sense of it all is more valuable than we realise. So why do we think that giving answers is the best we can do?

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Answers from the edge

11 Dec 2018
answers from the edge

As a youngster, my proudest question was: “when you get to the end of the universe what is beyond?” This felt really profound for a nine-year-old before the first moon landing. There are some questions, really good questions, where we have to be prepared to go to the edge to see the answer. In fact, even […]

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Better questions: better answers

10 Dec 2018
questions and answers

We all want good answers, right? Actually, I wonder if what we want more is our answers. The ones that fit our world view. Those that confirm we’ve been right all along, even if we didn’t have all the details. So the challenge is to work on framing better questions that can lead us to […]

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