22 Aug 2019

It’s not a word I often use. But perhaps I should. Because persecution is real, even if it is on the edge of our sight. This morning The Conversation published a thoughtful article by Ewelina Ochab from the University of Kent. Five reasons the world needs a wake-up call on religious persecution. Did you know […]

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Single routes

21 Aug 2019

Is there really only one way to get from A to B? Our prevailing culture – the way things are done around here – invariably gives us the current shortcut. Dressed up as obvious, single options. Take it or don’t go. But shortcuts come with consequences. So why am I taking this particular route? What […]

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Smiling as quiet disruption!

20 Aug 2019

Just think how much disruption you could cause today. Just by smiling. Of course, a plastic smile or a mask we put on will only go so far. It struggles to really connect. However, there is evidence that as we intentionally exercise our smile muscles, as an act of generosity, then something does start to […]

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Smile, please

19 Aug 2019

What happens when you smile? I could point you to all the scientific evidence on what it does to our brain and body chemistry. We could talk about the psychological impact on the people around you. But instead, I wonder what happens to you as you smile? How does it affect who you are and […]

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Celebrating the whole

17 Aug 2019

Life and the stuff around us can easily trick us into thinking it’s all about us. It’s not. Let’s be intentional and celebrate the whole.

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Little things

16 Aug 2019

It’s raining. Well, it is Wales… Out in the valley, there is no chance of looking up and feeling the sun. Or seeing stars. Today. Instead, the little things speak. Small birds playing high up in the trees. The stages of transition from flowerhead to seedhead all on the same stem of wild Angelica. Raindrops […]

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