Change starts here!

21 Feb 2019
change starts here

It turns out that being here is also crucial for creating change. I know this from my Gestalt coaching training. The Paradoxical Theory of Change, proposed by Dr Arnold Beisser, is a brilliant insight. Essentially he suggests that ‘change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not.’ […]

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Being here

20 Feb 2019
being here

Being HERE. Not there. Or elsewhere. Being here to give attention. Listen generously. Notice the patterns, what’s beyond, or what’s not being said. BEING here. Fully. Gloriously. Courageously. Standing in the uncertainty and knowing that being is enough. For now. Where are you?

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Seeing the other…

19 Feb 2019
seeing the other

If we start with two – me and the person I want to make a difference for – then there’s no hiding place. We can’t make judgements at a distance. Or speak to the masses in generalised platitudes. We can’t try on our hero suits, because we’re not here to save the whole world. No. It’s […]

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Start with two…

18 Feb 2019
start with two

Everything is about scale. Numbers of people reached, changed, persuaded, cared for, rescued… We all have our metrics. Significant feels worthy. Except we were never called to save the whole world. So how about turning it upside down? Start with one. More people are recognising that we make a difference one person at a time. […]

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And so to rest

16 Feb 2019
to rest

The hard work of pushing boundaries and stepping over thresholds needs to be complemented by coming to rest. Real rest that replenishes our souls.

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We’re all just people

15 Feb 2019
we are all just people

Brené Brown tells the story of her first TED-type corporate speaking engagement where she suddenly realises that people at ‘C-level’ weren’t those working at the front line (she’d heard ‘s-e-a’ level…) A wise companion suggests she peek around the curtain to see the audience. There in the midst of mainly men in white shirts and dark […]

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