Long shadows of waiting…

09 Dec 2019

The low light is extraordinary at this time of year in the valley. Everything lengthens. It adds to the sense of waiting that is all around us. So my ears pricked up when I came across these words of Henri Nouwen: Most of us consider waiting as something passive, a hopeless state determined by events […]

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Kindness and generosity

07 Dec 2019

Deep down we long for a story about who we are and why we are here that has hope. Kindness and generosity invite us to that different way of being.

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The kindness of time

06 Dec 2019

Maybe the relentless race of time is because we fill our hours to the brim… And then some, with noise filling the cracks. Perhaps we only talk about the ravages of time when we are looking through the lens of beautiful youth… And our focus is on loss. Yes, there are things we lose over […]

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Sounds of generosity…

05 Dec 2019

Today I’d love you to hear Staci Seyferth-Taylor. She is an amazing woman on a journey, open to exploring her unique contribution to the people around her in Michigan. We’ve just spent the last two and a half months bumping into each other online in Seth Godin’s Bootstrapper’s Workshop, which I mentioned in Growing hope… […]

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Generosity shapes…

04 Dec 2019

Generosity isn’t some ethereal concept. It’s tangible. We can feel it and point to what it creates. Yes, it’s real. Even though we can’t buy it or put it in a box. And here’s the thing: it shapes what it touches. That’s you and me. Yet we have to choose to see it, acknowledge it, […]

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What’s the story?

03 Dec 2019

What’s the story we are inhabiting? Because of who we are as human beings, and the nature of the world we live in, there are likely to be patterns. As you look back and look around you, what do you notice? What are the reactions and the self-talk you see and hear? And where are […]

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