Hope is…

21 Oct 2019

Hope is a journey, not a race. It’s The Infinite Game (thanks Simon Sinek) Hope is trust founded on the intangible and eternal. It is profound and beautiful. Hope is today for tomorrow, Not the fantasy of yesterday. Hope is worth hanging on for…

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The fluidity of words

19 Oct 2019

Words are not concrete bricks that we throw around. Instead, they are multilayered, each of us bringing our own fluid meaning to their exchange. Take care.

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Feeling unprepared

18 Oct 2019

It’s Thursday evening and it’s raining really heavily outside. I know it’s Wales and we have rain. Lots of it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have the lush green valleys. But I am feeling anxious. You see, we are not as weatherproof as I’d like… And even when we think we’re OK, the unexpected happens. Here’s the […]

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Seeing differently

17 Oct 2019

This morning I read my friend Amos Doornbos’ blog. Often he talks with great insight about the challenges of cultural and digital transformation in the humanitarian sector. And always with humanity. Today is about seeing the world through the eyes of his son – and it speaks to us all. Learning to ‘see’ Please go […]

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Turn up the volume

16 Oct 2019

‘Turn up the volume’ is a strange thing for a quiet disruptor to say. But sometimes we need to choose to amplify That which needs amplifying, And quieten that which has had its day. What do you hear?  

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It’s time for the new voices

15 Oct 2019

Have you noticed? There are new voices starting to speak up. Those who have fresh things to say. Who aren’t held by the perceptions of the past. But want to forge hope, and not pedal soft fantasy. Quiet now. Listen. PS Simon Sinek’s new book ‘The Infinite Game’ was published today…

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