Being ready for the harvest

16 Sep 2021

Growing up on a farm in Kent – the garden of England – I learnt how to test when fruit was ripe for picking. It’s all to do with touch. Whether apple, pear, plum or strawberry, the fruit might look ripe, but if it resisted a gentle twist, it was too soon. And the fruit […]

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Experiencing the shifts of mid-September

15 Sep 2021

As the nights draw in, so the temperature gradient steepens. It gets cold, particularly at ground level. I notice this tonal shift while walking my familiar paths in the valley. Autumn arrives with splashes of colour and breath you can feel as you inhale the nutty brown aroma. I also see a shift in my […]

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Rising to the surface

14 Sep 2021

Granular convection. When a can of mixed nuts is shaken, the largest variety tends to end up on the surface. This phenomenon is sometimes known as the “Brazil nut effect”. It can be seen in many places: food processing, manufacturing, geology … But it seems to happen to us, too. When we’re shaken, certain things […]

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Out of sight

13 Sep 2021

How we see the world is framed by our understanding of how things are. And in turn, that is reinforced by the language we use. Suzanne Simard provided a brilliant demonstration of this in her conversation with Krista Tippett for the On Being podcast this week: Forests are wired for wisdom. In talking about her […]

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In these days

11 Sep 2021

The days draw us to this day and asks if we are ready? PROPHET I wonder why you brought meto these splintering days,this age of earth-deathand default extinctionand the smothering of constellations, nostalgia claws at mescreaming send me back, then I sense a fire that doesn’t consume,a cloud of breath-taking holinesspassing across the face of […]

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Calling from the shadows

10 Sep 2021

What’s that thingtugging at yourheart,just out ofsight? What’s that soundyou can’t quitehear,yet you recognisethe rhythm? What’s that callthat shapes yourlife,yet still waitsto be named? It’s time to harvestthe little seedsplanteda while agoin the dark. ~ I am a little surprised to be here, again. Yet, I sense there is more to be embraced in the […]

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