Time to pause among the trees

24 Sep 2022

This week has been a little surreal. Unplanned endings and unprepared new beginnings colliding in a time that felt disorientated. Or discombobulated, as I heard someone say. I’ve also missed my usual routine of a pause among the trees during the morning alpaca round. This is because Steve and I have been synchronising our arrival […]

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What is the harvest for?

23 Sep 2022

If we pick every flower, what is left for passers-by to savour? And if harvesting fields, orchards, vineyards, and woods takes everything, what about the next generation of growth? Where will it come from? Our cycles for judging fruitfulness and success have become catastrophically short-term, and the consequences are all around. We think we have […]

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The challenge of entangled fruitfulness

22 Sep 2022

How do you pick your plums, apples, or any fruit you eat? You likely take them off the supermarket shelf, ready selected and potentially wrapped. And because most of our fruit is grown in highly engineered monoculture, picking will be a uniform, mechanically assisted process. But at what cost? There’s an obvious cost to the […]

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The time of ripening

21 Sep 2022

These are delicious Victoria plums from my home county of Kent, the ‘Garden of England’. Their fragrant smell and juicy, sweet taste remind me of the fruit farm where I grew up. They are extraordinarily evocative. For the last few weeks, we’ve been able to buy tree-ripened plums. Yet these last few are verging on […]

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Smiling with gratitude for life

20 Sep 2022

You might see a mushroom in less than its prime. And wish for what might have been. I smile.  Because I see a feast enjoyed and a living demonstration of interdependence. That also means picking up a dead mole further along the path and tossing them into the undergrowth to continue their part in the […]

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Being in this moment of time

19 Sep 2022

While today marks the end of an era, it is also a day like all others. Where we make a multitude of small choices that tilt our lives in one direction or another. And as I write, I am looking at John O’Donohue’s words from his blessing for Matins May I live this day Compassionate […]

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