Now is the time to pause

We need to pause when we cross a threshold of endings and beginnings. Even if momentarily. Not because of indecision or reticence but because this is a significant step. Endings are important. We are not in charge of their timescale, yet we must honour their process. And likewise, birth rarely comes to order. Yet the …

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Who do you need alongside?

“There are probably other incredible souls who will change your sense of what’s possible and will change your life in such beautiful ways, that are still out there, that we have yet to meet.” + Ai-jen Poo, labour leader, organiser, writer and leading voice in the women’s movement Who are you open to seeing?


Travelling together

Travelling together isn’t easy. We pull in slightly different directions, our attention caught by varied interests. Or slowing down and speeding up at different rates. Our imperfections flapping around in the breeze like tattered flags, evident to all. Especially us. Yet we choose to walk together, investing in gold to mend our cracks. Because we …

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The question of the journey

Is it to get away or to come close? To arrive, or to become along the way? What’s the purpose of our journey? It’s a question worth asking because it will determine how we walk. ~ cheering you on your way from a little valley in South West Wales

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