Why don’t ducks need maps


Have you ever seen a duck with a map? Me neither. Yet they get where they want to go, usually in the most direct, ducklike route. It sounds like an absurd question, yet what about us? Maps tell us where we or others have been. They chart what is known. But they can’t create a … Read more

Sorry, there are no maps today


I love maps. They are an endless source of delight, enabling me to enter landscapes I have never seen. And shaping my sense of proximity and proportion, habitation and connexion. Yet, they can only ever be a record of a moment in time. And that time is past. Sorry, there are no maps of your … Read more

No way back…


There’s a path in the woods where the dog and I used to walk every day. I haven’t been there as often since she died a month ago. And now the path is overgrown with bramble and bracken. In some places, I can’t even find the track again. This is a visceral reminder for me … Read more