Navigating this intermediate time


I suspect that we need a new pair of eyes and a new compass. This time of passing through familiar yet unknown territory is unlike anything we have experienced before. And it can feel overwhelming. If we try to make sense of it the way we always have, we’ll lose our way. And if we … Read more

Sorry, there are no maps today


I love maps. They are an endless source of delight, enabling me to enter landscapes I have never seen. And shaping my sense of proximity and proportion, habitation and connexion. Yet, they can only ever be a record of a moment in time. And that time is past. Sorry, there are no maps of your … Read more

Do you know where you are?


It’s easy to lose our bearings in a time like this. To not know whether we are coming or going, and fear that we have missed the turn. But this is not yesterday’s road and what we need is our compass, not a map. And the courage to keep on walking, together. So pause, breathe, … Read more

What do you see?


I had a delightful, multi-layered conversation with Chris Lever of Teleios Consulting yesterday. We started by exploring the roots of his work on Navigating Change with leaders. “What do you see?” Was the question asked by his skipper as he learned his seafaring craft after leaving school. “What do you see?” Pursued as a daily … Read more

Roads last…


If you think about it, roads are usually the only things that last the ravages of time. Beautiful buildings decay or are replaced. Landscaping reverts to its original state if left untended. Civilisations come and go. But roads last. Here’s the thing about roads, they only ever exist to connect. No one ever builds a … Read more