Coming into sight – here and now


Dear Lord, I have swept and I have washed butstill nothing is as shining as it should befor you. Under the sink, for example, is anuproar of mice — it is the season of theirmany children. What shall I do? And under the eavesand through the walls the squirrelshave gnawed their ragged entrances — but … Read more

What might we be missing?


We’ve all had those experiences of earnestly searching for something we’ve lost, only to find it right in front of us. Not seeing for looking. The other day my second lesson from clearing the thistles felt like this. In endeavouring to gather all the flowering stems along a track by the lake, I walked with … Read more

Where are the possibilities?


They are all around us if we dare to look. They may not be waving little flags, saying, look at me, but they are there because this is the nature of the wonderfully emergent world we inhabit. I suspect the only place we won’t find them is behind us. Because these are called regrets.

Sightlines and soulfood for hope


It was the colour that caught my eye through the window. Rushing out into the chilly December afternoon, my jaw dropped. Wonder of wonders, what a sight. Drinking in the extraordinary beauty of the sky, I needed to pause for it to reach my inner being. And then return to working with the text from … Read more

Seeing through the weeds


Here’s the thing about weeds: sometimes they are and sometimes they’re not. There are many things in life which when they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time are weeds. They choke us up and prevent us from flourishing. However, let’s not always assume that what feels out of place hasn’t got a purpose … Read more

What do you see?


I had a delightful, multi-layered conversation with Chris Lever of Teleios Consulting yesterday. We started by exploring the roots of his work on Navigating Change with leaders. “What do you see?” Was the question asked by his skipper as he learned his seafaring craft after leaving school. “What do you see?” Pursued as a daily … Read more