The inner history of a day

Yesterday as the outer world tumbled in turmoil, I worked on The Art of Quiet Disruption. Therefore, searching for a different voice to carry into today seemed appropriate. A voice that speaks across time with dignity and beauty that we need to settle our souls just now. So I picked up John O’Donohue’s blessing from …

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On the riotous celebration of autumn

No season is as lush as autumn. What colours and what abundance! We couldn’t even dream it up if we tried. And when the sun shines, there is a riot of richness at every turn. We feast on the sights and smells, knowing that this harvest will replenish our souls for the months ahead.


Speaking from my inner being

I am looking for someone else to give me words. Words that will say the right thing, in the right tone, to speak with courage and compassion. Yet all I have are inner sighs. And that is enough for today.

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