Seeing possibilities in unexpected places


This autumn, it’s been the beech trees. Their leaves endured the longest and have artfully framed the changing colours and textures of the valley. So I probably wouldn’t have noticed this beautiful fern had the light not caught the leaves above. Yet sometimes, we need to let our gaze wander from the familiar, expected path … Read more

On being open to possibilities


I’m not sure how open we can be if our minds are full and our diary is back to back. Possibilities, by their nature, are things that are not yet. They have an element of imagination. And hope weaves through them like a thread of gold which we only see in a particular light. The … Read more

Appreciating the little signs of life


Even in the deepening fall, when the leaves are shed, and vegetation is dying back, there is life. It just takes a little more to see it there. And when the darkness feels like it is closing in, remember that hope is not extinguished. A spark remains. RUMOURS OF LIGHT The hope that’s lingeringbeneath the … Read more

Lines for autumn


I’ve been waiting to share these delightful few lines from Gideon Heugh for a while. And now is the time. Enjoy the smile. LINES FOR AUTUMN Leaves make their golden turnunhurried,then in cooler airwaltz to the damp groundand in sweet-scented crowdmake happinessfor wellington boots. + Gideon Heugh, from Devastating Beauty, 2018

Life at the heart of autumn


In the slanting sunlight, I spied one of our bumper acorns. Plump and free of its cup, it was ready for germination and sprouting in the moist soil. This is life in its unfolding, doing what it does in season. So what about us? Where are we opening ourselves to this next stage of life? … Read more

On the riotous celebration of autumn


No season is as lush as autumn. What colours and what abundance! We couldn’t even dream it up if we tried. And when the sun shines, there is a riot of richness at every turn. We feast on the sights and smells, knowing that this harvest will replenish our souls for the months ahead.