Where the wind blows

In this little corner of South West Wales, after the rain comes the wind. And wind is extraordinary. You can only see it by its impact, the way it changes whatever is in its path. How the still body of water becomes a turbulent landscape. Or the way normally sedate and stately trees dance in …

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This is the way of life

This is Jac. I was trying to photograph those beautiful morning-sun-lit trees in the background. But Jac wanted to be in the frame. We all have Jacs. And sometimes, it’s us who assume centre stage. This is the way of life, and we have the opportunity to discern the difference between ego and calling. Because …

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A blessing for life together

In our brokenness,may we not cling to the raft of power. In our shadows,may we reach toward the kind light of love. In our doubts,may we not grab for shallow certainty. In our vulnerability,may we share this brave space with others, Because peace shared is wholeness. And through each other’s eyes, we see lifein all …

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This is life – where everything is connected

Nothing stands on its own. We are all connected. Yet, in failing to honour and pay attention to this myriad of intersections, we lose the flow of life. And without this, we are dead. We just might not realise it for a while…

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