This is a manifesto about hope.

🌿 Hope that things can be significantly different - if we have the courage to find our own voice and own a different way of being.

🌿 Hope that there are people out there, currently unheard and unseen, who have a unique contribution to make to the ongoing creation of the world. Our world.

🌿 Hope that people can make good change, that benefits us all in our businesses, organisations and communities. If we give them the space they need, both now and future generations.

This is the draft manifesto - in English and Welsh - launched at the Gwyl Coda Festival in July 2018.

I hope it will mature and gain momentum as we use it. So take it, test it, share it and make suggestions for improvement as these are just my words and you might have better and more powerful ones…

Our Manifesto


So let’s give space to the QUIET DISRUPTORS: to those who think before they speak; who ask questions we’d sometimes rather not face; who get their energy from calm reflection, beautiful ideas, and not from reactive noise; who see life in its bigger picture and want to make a difference that benefits both humanity and the earth, over the long haul; who exercise kindness, generosity and stubborn courage in pursuing a different way of looking, being and doing that can turn our world upside down - for the better.🌿



Felly beth am roi lle i’r CHWYLDROADWYR TAWEL; i’r rhai sy’n meddwl cyn siarad, sy’n gofyn cwestiynnau na fyddem eisiau eu hwynebu; sy’n cael eu hegni o fyfyrdod tawel, syniadau urddasol, ac nid o swn ymatebol; sy’n gweld bywyd yn ei gylch mawr ac sydd eisiau creu gwahaniaeth sy’n gwella’r ddynoliaeth a’r ddaear, dros gyfnod hir; sy’n gweithredu caredigrwydd, haelioni a dewrder ystyfnig wrth geisio ffordd wahanol o edrych, o fod ac o wneud sy’n gallu troi ein byd ben i waered – er gwell.🌿

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