‘Quiet Disruptors: Creating Change Without Shouting’

A beautifully written manifesto for the new change-makers in three parts:

  1. Why now?
  2. New voices of curiosity, creativity and connection
  3. Change the conversation

Sue Heatherington reads from her book Quiet Disruptors: Creating Change Without Shouting. In 2018, she coined the phrase as a shorthand introduction, only to find others wanting to wear it, too…

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In addition to the 12 main episodes, there are five short bonus episodes, each containing an excerpt from the immensely practical Chapter 18: Find Your Voice, so you can work on the prompts at your own pace.

Finally, here is the Resources PDF. This is taken from the 2021 Kindle version of the book and enables you to see a thumbnail sketch of each person mentioned, along with links to their work (note: some links may have changed).

I hope you enjoy the podcast and will share it with others.

Go gently and speak softly about things that matter…