No more careless looking


Will we respond to today’s invitation to really see? To pay attention with different eyes and notice what has been there all along? Cherishing the sight. After all, we don’t see deeply with our minds. Pause. See. Re-story.

Life at the heart of autumn


In the slanting sunlight, I spied one of our bumper acorns. Plump and free of its cup, it was ready for germination and sprouting in the moist soil. This is life in its unfolding, doing what it does in season. So what about us? Where are we opening ourselves to this next stage of life? … Read more

How far can you see?


I suspect there is a limit to your physical sight. There certainly is to mine! And it depends on our vantage point. However, I also wonder if we can see further with the eyes of our hearts. And perhaps that’s what will serve us better in the coming days.

Seeing with the eyes of our heart


Even in our most alone-ness, we are not alone. The earth beneath our feet teems with more life than we can imagine. While the air we breathe is shared with others across space and time, irrespective of status. And the flow of water continues its forever circularity through the tiniest cavities and the greatest of … Read more

Hearing in the silence


When you travel,A new silenceGoes with you,And if you listen,You will hearWhat your heart wouldLove to say. + John O’Donohue, from For the Traveller Early last week, a good friend sent me an excerpt from this John O’Donohue blessing. I was surprised by the sense of urgency that it evoked in me. The calling of … Read more

Only seeing with our heart


When we arrive at the edge of what we know, what is beyond? And at the threshold of our decision, what lies ahead is yet to be made. If we need to see everything, we’ll miss what is in plain sight. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential … Read more