No more careless looking


Will we respond to today’s invitation to really see? To pay attention with different eyes and notice what has been there all along? Cherishing the sight. After all, we don’t see deeply with our minds. Pause. See. Re-story.

The shape of what we cannot see


The breath of aircaressing the grasson a chilled morning. Or the attractionof water moleculessuspended in time. And what is this green,in its myriad of hues,refracting the light? What we cannot seetaking shape,if we will pause and notice. In this in-between space, this uncertain time, what is taking shape in the places we don’t usually see? … Read more

Out of the corner of my eye


What do we see out of the corner of our eye? It’s certainly not something we are focused on, that has our attention. Yet, the ‘other’ is enough to be noticed, even though we weren’t looking for it. And often, it has something to say to us. If we will stop and listen. I wonder … Read more

What we pay attention to defines us


This is a scary thought. And a question we need to learn to live with, not as shackles but as a key to unlocking possibilities. Because what we pay attention to does define us. It shapes who we are and what we do with what we have. And it goes hand in hand with our … Read more

Choosing what to focus on


I don’t have a smart, powerful camera, just a relatively old iPhone. Often it wants to decide for me what to bring into focus. And at times, I have to do some nifty trickery to capture what I want. I wonder if it’s the same in our work and our life. How often do we … Read more

The gift of giving our full attention


How do we start to heal the fractures, both within ourselves and within our world? By giving people, us included, the benefit of our full attention. Our quality of focus and our presence. Because we can’t multi-task. It isn’t physiologically possible, even if you try to kid yourself that you are the exception. Instead, let’s … Read more