How does hope move us?


I want to ask this question because I don’t want to be stuck. Stuck in waiting for optimism to strike, which it won’t (even if it did, it would probably be short-lived). Or simply waiting for someone else to take the initiative. And righting the wrong they or others have created (which is probably abdication … Read more

On choosing to be present


Pausing with a beautiful mid-week gem from Gideon Heugh: THE EVER–NOW Why is it always awake and away?Why not make only here?Why not stayand bless the ever-nowby our ever lingering in it(which is impossible, which isthe utter necessitythe singular aliveso often and increasingly avoided)?And after all this why,where is it anywaythat you think you are … Read more

When time turns – observing the pattern of our lives


Musing on Annie Dillard’s insight in The Writing Life: ‘How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.’ And wondering what the pattern of our lives tells us about who we are becoming: OBSERVING BECOMING The pattern of our liveswoven in the fabric of time,each strand a choice,each colour an expressionof … Read more

Choosing what to focus on


I don’t have a smart, powerful camera, just a relatively old iPhone. Often it wants to decide for me what to bring into focus. And at times, I have to do some nifty trickery to capture what I want. I wonder if it’s the same in our work and our life. How often do we … Read more

The flow of water and life


Like water, life isn’t scalable. At least not in taking a unit and multiplying through mechanical means. Or in recreating it elsewhere, without using up what we have here, in this place. Once water is used, we have to wait until it returns naturally. Maybe in another form, or another place, because this is a … Read more