The flow of water and life

Like water, life isn’t scalable. At least not in taking a unit and multiplying through mechanical means. Or in recreating it elsewhere, without using up what we have here, in this place. Once water is used, we have to wait until it returns naturally. Maybe in another form, or another place, because this is a …

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Fluent unfolding

FLUENT I would love to live Like a river flows Carried by the surprise Of its own unfolding + John O’Donohue, from Conamara Blues, Bantam Press 2001


Good words are like water

When I got my first CEO job, Steve bought me a little watering can. This was because I love having plants in my workspace. Yet, it was also a visual reminder to water with words of encouragement. Water refreshes and invigorates. We need it to flourish. And similarly, the words that surround us are like …

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