A different kind of conversation

Sarah Corbett has been an activist all her life. Born into a family thoroughly engaged with the issues of their low-income community in Liverpool, she went on to become a professional campaigner for non-governmental organisations. But this way of creating change burned her out. Instead, she explored the art of gentle protest and founded the …

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Quiet disruptors?

Who are the quiet disruptors? These are the thoughtful and creative changemakers who have something to say because they want to change the conversation for good. What about you? … Today I wanted to put a stake in the ground – a magnificent thistle from the valley – because I finished the second draft of …

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small steps forward

Choosing (to be) changemakers

The choice isn’t between failure and perfection. It isn’t even between good and bad. No, the choice is whether we carry on. Putting one foot in front of another. Choosing to become changemakers in a world that needs us (even if we don’t always see it in ourselves).

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