Words at work – handle with care


How we describe what we observe and feel reinforces what we think we see. Because ultimately, we can’t ‘see’ everything. For example, our colour perception as human beings is only within a limited range, unlike many non-human beings, who see much more than we do. So our words are significant shapers of how we interpret … Read more

For everything, there is a time


Sometimes we sitwith our hands open –resting into the chair,knowing there’s nothing morewe can do,but be at peace,and see what fallsinto our laps. This isn’t resignation,or fatalism.It’s the placewe come to whenour job is tobe at rest.Not trying to makethings happen, butcome with appreciativeexpectation for thepossibilities awaiting. For all that has been –thanks;and for all … Read more

Reflecting on the humility of conversation


How we attend to ourselves and the others in an exchange probably determines whether it is worthy of being called a conversation. Recently, John Kuzava helpfully mused on the root of the word from the Latin ‘conversatio’, which means ‘to turn about with’ or ‘to change together’. So metaphorically standing with our arms crossed, waiting … Read more