A different kind of conversation

Sarah Corbett has been an activist all her life.

Born into a family thoroughly engaged with the issues of their low-income community in Liverpool, she went on to become a professional campaigner for non-governmental organisations.

But this way of creating change burned her out.

Instead, she explored the art of gentle protest and founded the Craftivist Collective:

If we want a world that is beautiful, kind and fair,
shouldn’t our activism be beautiful, kind and fair?

Sarah Corbett, in How to be a Craftivist, Unbound, 2017

The impact of changing the conversation using beautifully crafted pieces, such as individually embroidered handkerchiefs, has led to profound shifts in boardrooms and elsewhere.

I share more of her story in Quiet Disruptors: Creating Change Without Shouting, which will be published in November.

In the meantime, find out more about the Craftivist Collective, watch Sarah’s TED talk, or consider helping her fundraise to produce her third book: The Craftivist Collective Handbook.