Finding sentinels in the mist


Sound travels differently in the cloud. Dampened echoes of the valley in the fluster of ducks disturbed by my presence. Yet some things remain. We need those who will stand with us. Who will speak the truth in love and help us frame what we see. Even when all is not clear. Where are your … Read more

Standing at the edge of time


Recently I’ve been conscious of being on the edge of time. We have never been where we are today and need fresh eyes to see it properly. In this space, words from ‘A few miles above Tintern Abbey’ by Wordsworth, quoted by Bob Leckridge, have lodged with me: While with an eye made quiet by … Read more

Being rooted and grounded in love


We live in the illusion of being rootless. Yes, we can connect with almost anyone, anywhere. And people we have never met in person can become very dear to us. However, we do this from who we are and where we are. For while our sense of home might have grown tired and worn, we … Read more

A blessing for life together


In our brokenness,may we not cling to the raft of power. In our shadows,may we reach toward the kind light of love. In our doubts,may we not grab for shallow certainty. In our vulnerability,may we share this brave space with others, Because peace shared is wholeness. And through each other’s eyes, we see lifein all … Read more

The light that our ruin lets in


Dare we stand in the cracks, the broken places that our reactions have created? Do we choose to walk away, or kneel? Here, faced with the choices, who will we choose: the hero or ourselves? THE LIGHT THAT OUR RUIN LETS IN There is the falling. The breaking.The tearing open. The pulled apart.The head buried … Read more

Seeing in a different light


After days of Welsh dampness, the sun arrived and brought with it the gorgeous clear blue of autumnal skies. Heaven, or at least visual restoration. Especially, as one of my happy places is a leisurely walk in the valley in slanting light with my camera and time in hand. This leaf caught my eye, and … Read more