And where does the water flow?


Over the summer, I worked with the idea of beautiful questions. As I developed one of my own, eventually it distilled as ‘I am water, where shall I flow?’ But what kind of question is that? Yes, it can feel rather esoteric, yet it has become a powerful metaphor for me – a kind of … Read more

Time – what is the question?


For those of a particular vintage or disposition, the answer is 42. So what is the question? It’s important to ask as I suspect it will differ for each of us. And we can’t rely on an algorithm because only we can face that question for ourselves. Time – what is your question? ~ The … Read more

Different ways to look at questions


When we ask significant questions, we implicitly recognise that there might be a different way of seeing. And an alternative view of what we think we see implies the possibility of change. OK, so far. But what about fractals? Maybe the big questions we might grapple with are patterns that replicate elsewhere and at a … Read more