How can we see the unknown?


How do we seewithout sight,and knowwithout knowing? By courageouslyreleasing our grasp,relinquishing our rightto understand. Listening insteadfor heartbeats,and songsof the deep, and how waterflows, orravens dancein the wind. Only then, whenwe’ve finally let go  can we glimpsethe unknown.

You are not lost – you are here


The sun was setting, and we were in an open-topped jeep. Horribly lost in the Paphos Forest in Cyprus with no road signs or way markers, and before smartphones were invented. I was afraid. And my panic grew with each mile along narrow, unmarked roads, hairpin bends and precipitous edges. … We clearly found our … Read more

Choosing to rest in the unknown


We’ve been taught to fear the unknown – that it’s a scary place. Yet, in reality, we live here daily while wearing lenses that give us a false sense of control. And because of these ways of seeing, we assume we can live in a world of relative order, or at least minimal surprises at … Read more