How can we see the unknown?


How do we seewithout sight,and knowwithout knowing? By courageouslyreleasing our grasp,relinquishing our rightto understand. Listening insteadfor heartbeats,and songsof the deep, and how waterflows, orravens dancein the wind. Only then, whenwe’ve finally let go  can we glimpsethe unknown.

A more honest relationship with time


We believe we can do it all if we have the right motivation and focus. Indeed, we may believe that what happens around us and to us ultimately depends on how we use our time. And why wouldn’t we see it like this – everyone else does. Yet maybe we’ve been seduced by a diminished … Read more

What do we actually control?


Believing that we have to be in control is too heavy a burden to carry. We aren’t designed for that kind of weight. Do we provide what we eat? Or consciously activate each breath we take? And does our heart only pump when we give the order? We need a new way of seeing ourselves … Read more

Where are all the nasturtiums?


Last year the raised bed was overflowing with gorgeous orange and yellow faces and abundant greenery. Exuberant in growth and impact, I couldn’t help but smile every time I passed by. So, where are they now? There was just a single flower tucked away at the side, even though hundreds of seed pods were left … Read more

On choosing to let go


All beginnings involve risk because they ask us to relinquish control. So we have a choice. And we are the only ones who can make it.

It’s time to let things go


What does it mean to let things go? To stop holding on tightly to ideas, identities, relationships, responsibilities and possessions, so that they can fall away? Sometimes we don’t realise we are carrying that much until we cease to see what is real and only feel the weight of it all. And some things are … Read more