Hope at the beginning of the turn


Those following Gideon Heugh’s Advent Journey in Darkling will know that we have faced the longest night and are now at the cusp of the turn. Solstice marks the beginning of the Turn–the slow hemispheric shift towards warmer, longer days: hope as a planetary motion. At this time of solstice, the zenith of the dark … Read more

Time to pause among the trees


This week has been a little surreal. Unplanned endings and unprepared new beginnings colliding in a time that felt disorientated. Or discombobulated, as I heard someone say. I’ve also missed my usual routine of a pause among the trees during the morning alpaca round. This is because Steve and I have been synchronising our arrival … Read more

Now is the time to pause


We need to pause when we cross a threshold of endings and beginnings. Even if momentarily. Not because of indecision or reticence but because this is a significant step. Endings are important. We are not in charge of their timescale, yet we must honour their process. And likewise, birth rarely comes to order. Yet the … Read more

Endings and beginnings


A cherry drops,plump and redfrom the cherry tree. Is this a beginningor an ending? Coming back to theplace where we startedand knowing it forthe first time. Is this an endingor a beginning? Wherever we appear in the circle of life is always an ending and a beginning.   How we see it depends on where … Read more

Don’t settle now


We are here now for such a time as this. Not of our choosing, but our calling. For each of us, our ‘once upon a time’ has led to today. This day. DON’T SETTLE Don’t settle for a pale copy of reality –scratching your life on tracing paperinstead of splashing your own coloursupon the expectant … Read more

This is the only place to start


David Whyte’s poem Start Close In takes us by the hand and will not let us skip the crucial first step. Yet, sometimes it’s so uncomfortable to be here that we’d rather be anyplace else. But here is where we need to be. Now. Today. And discover the peace that can hold us here. Start … Read more