A moment happened


This is the lovely phrase an Irish friend used on a call yesterday. “A moment happened.” Were we there? Not exactly, but his lyrical storytelling held us in the moment. And even if we couldn’t smell the vast Californian redwoods or hear the scamper of the deer, we were there. At least in our imagination. … Read more

How does hope move us?


I want to ask this question because I don’t want to be stuck. Stuck in waiting for optimism to strike, which it won’t (even if it did, it would probably be short-lived). Or simply waiting for someone else to take the initiative. And righting the wrong they or others have created (which is probably abdication … Read more

Voices of story and truth


Words shape the way we see the world. However, language is more than the words we use. There are the external inflexions – our tone, phrasing and vocabulary. And these are held in the flow of our movements and posture. Yet our knowing what is being communicated is even more than these. We subtly pick … Read more

What are the stories we’re telling ourselves?


Living with my younger brother, Jules, we hear all of the stories he’s telling himself. Out loud, every day. It’s the way he makes sense of his little world and his place in it. So we know that he thinks he’s great, a good and thoughtful friend, and he’s super proud of being clean (especially … Read more

Our world


What is the story we have told ourselves about the world we live in? And would it be helpful to listen to other stories too? I think so. The more we hear and see through the ears and eyes of others, the richer our perspective becomes. It doesn’t cost anything, except our unintentional narrow-mindedness (which, … Read more

Who am I, and all the other stories


Is the story I tell myself about who I am different from the other stories? Like the story about who I want to be, or the one about who I could be? Our narration of ourselves, especially the ones loaded with should’s and ought’s, is a way of hiding from the extraordinary possibilities that are … Read more