A moment happened


This is the lovely phrase an Irish friend used on a call yesterday. “A moment happened.” Were we there? Not exactly, but his lyrical storytelling held us in the moment. And even if we couldn’t smell the vast Californian redwoods or hear the scamper of the deer, we were there. At least in our imagination. … Read more

Creatively dancing with our questions


Yesterday I gave myself to sit with my question. It didn’t last long because physical sitting was too static. So I walked. Down the lane to retrieve our emptied recycling sack after the village collection time. Then up the valley to wander in the woods and by the brook. Movement certainly helped – Solvitur ambulando … Read more

Our work is never singular


A number of us do most of our work solo. And even if you’re in a team, much of what you do originates inside your mind. It feels like what we create is the product of our own thoughts and perceptions. The skills we have developed and how we have chosen to put them together, … Read more

How we approach thresholds is in our gift


You may have noticed that I’m fascinated by thresholds. The space between the now and not yet, or the gap filled with anticipation, where anything could happen. Because this is the unknown, we have not been here before. In fact, our days are filled with thresholds. We just don’t notice them. But sometimes we know … Read more

Increasing the flow of life and creativity


Yesterday, I wandered up the valley to check the water-gate after more rain had fallen. This is Wales after all. The breadth of the brook and the remnants of the original reservoir means that multiple small channels need to be kept open. And periodic clearing of debris is required. Dislodging stones, silt and vegetation, and … Read more