The gift of good endings

Usually, we are pretty good at beginnings. Starting something new has an energy and a sense of vision–where we hope it will go. Endings, on the other hand, tend to be the territory that we avoid. Our experience suggests they are likely to be uncomfortable or sad. So we avoid them or find a way …

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Courage to face the line

The lovely people with whom I share a Friday lunchtime call – the Polar Bears co-working group from The Creative’s Workshop – have often explored the lines we draw. Yesterday we yet again visited the question of boundaries. Lines that give us a healthy frame for what we do. And the lines we need to …

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Emerging shapes

This time isn’t just about waiting. Just holding things together until the storm blows through, or trying to create a future that we can’t yet see. Instead, I am encouraged by the poem Poetics by A R Ammons quoted in A Simpler Way that provokes me to be open to what is emerging. Here is …

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