Being awake to new possibilities


May my mind come alive todayTo the invisible geographyThat invites me to new frontiers,To break the dead shell of yesterdays,To risk being disturbed and changed. + John O’Donohue, from ‘A Morning Offering’, in Benedictus: A Book of Blessings This is not a comfortable or comforting space. But it is alive with possibilities.

Coming home to a new rhythm


I’ve been looking forward to this last verse of John O’Donohue’s blessing For a New Beginning all week! These words have drawn me through the reality and vulnerability of the earlier verses. Knowing it would be worth it in the end. Awaken your spirit to adventure;Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;Soon you … Read more

Awakening the dawn


The days continue to stretch out their borders, claiming time from the night. And here in the valley, the birds tune their voices to welcome the dawn. Although this will reduce as their mating, hatching and fledging season will be drawing to a close in a few weeks. Until then, I will enjoy their wake-up … Read more

What does it take to be awake?


Can you recall what it’s like to wake up without being jolted out of your slumber by your alarm/kids/dog/other? (take your pick) In that emerging moment of the slow reveal, which you’re in no hurry to cut short. Or the delicious dawning of fresh hope for new possibilities. What do you do with these momentary … Read more