“No man is an island”


Thursday was the anniversary of the death of the English poet John Donne nearly 400 years ago. Yet his most famous lines are as relevant today as they were then: No man is an island,Entire of itself,Every man is a piece of the continent,A part of the main.If a clod be washed away by the … Read more

Having fresh eyes to see


We think we see reality when perhaps we only observe what we expect. And the stories we tell ourselves become amplified, and our role in them is firm and secure. Until they aren’t, and the world is no longer what we thought. Yet we have this opportunity to see with fresh eyes. If we are … Read more

Pausing to recognise the truth


Many of us across the globe are pausing today to reaffirm our inalienable connection as human beings. When you hurt, we hurt. When you cry, we cry too. When you laugh, we sense your joy. Because this is our life together. So at this time of tearing apart and being divided, we recognise what holds … Read more

Letting go to see the new


We know we can’t pick up anything more when we physically have our hands full. It’s impossible. Yet, how often do we hold on tightly to ideas and identities that might have served us well in the past? Not realising that we can’t see the new connections if we don’t let go. Or is this … Read more

Being grounded is a collective act


There’s being grounded, and being grounded. One is when you’re not allowed out to play (or fly). Whereas the other is being planted and rooted on ground that will hold you upright. Both involve others, yet the grounding we want requires us to be truly connected. Because I don’t think we can be that kind … Read more