What does this time ask of me?


Not to turn away,or yield to hopelessness,foregoing the utterance thatit’s impossible. Instead to face towards,to choose the possibilityand become the changeI want to see. Yet we do this together,because it takes twoto change the conversationfor good. + Sue Heatherington There is so much going on, and we can feel overwhelmed. Yet together, we can kindle … Read more

Where do your roots go?


When you are empty and tired,where do your roots go? Or what do you reach forwhen you are dry? I wonder, what satisfies your soul,  releasing hope to rise again? And where is your quiet space,where you can breathe deeply? These are precious placeswe need more than ever. This is sacred space.

Pausing for the radical act of patience


I wonder if we’ve let our connection with the reality of time become too frayed. Something to be discarded because it’s outgrown its usefulness. We’ve lost the value of patience, perhaps considering it to be the domain of elderly aunts who don’t know any better. Yet patience forms us in ways we need, building depth … Read more

Being grounded is a collective act


There’s being grounded, and being grounded. One is when you’re not allowed out to play (or fly). Whereas the other is being planted and rooted on ground that will hold you upright. Both involve others, yet the grounding we want requires us to be truly connected. Because I don’t think we can be that kind … Read more

And then the unexpected happens


Yesterday morning, the rain was cold. So cold it felt like sleet stinging against my face. But this is May! What’s going on? Being prepared for emergence is okay as long as I know what’s happening… Yet here’s the thing: life isn’t like that. It has never been. We’ve just built an illusion of control … Read more