Standing, but not alone


In the woodsI stand,by a treewhosecompanionshiphas grown.I stand,yet,I am notalone. ~ I am part of a conversation later this week entitled ‘Is there any intent in nature?’ This poem expresses a little of my appreciation of nature.

Shifting our natural gaze


We’re in such a hurry. We want answers now. Or at least the promise of a solution by tomorrow. Yet, the seasons are not in a rush. They ebb and flow with a gravitational pull beyond our making. And what’s our contribution? It’s hard for us to look deep enough to see how separate we … Read more

Rewilding our lives


Such a lot has shifted over the last 18 months. In our little valley in South West Wales, the balance of the natural environment has changed. Including how our non-human neighbours behave. The alpacas are much more relaxed, and their herd behaviour demonstrates greater security. The buzzards, swallows and rabbits are more evident, doing their … Read more