On living an entangled life


We may have an urge to tidy up. To sort things out or make them clearer. And sometimes, that is precisely what is required. Especially when we are threatened by overwhelm. Yet more often, we need the humility and courage to recognise that real life is gloriously complex. And that we need to live it … Read more

Knowing in an astonishing plurality


Our language is framed around the individual. Yet there is no singular you or me, just the appearance of individuality. And while we are each gloriously distinctive, we are always us. The us of hereditary and community. We didn’t birth ourselves, and our nurturing utterly relied on others. And now, we are interdependent partners in … Read more

Shifting our natural gaze


We’re in such a hurry. We want answers now. Or at least the promise of a solution by tomorrow. Yet, the seasons are not in a rush. They ebb and flow with a gravitational pull beyond our making. And what’s our contribution? It’s hard for us to look deep enough to see how separate we … Read more

Eyes to see below the surface


Like the overnight appearance of fruiting bodies – mushrooms, toadstools and other fungi popping up through the leaf mould or grass – the fruit of our own lives has much deeper entangled origins than appears at first sight. Yet we continue to expect it to arrive ready-packaged, like mushrooms on the supermarket shelves. Divorced from … Read more



There are times when we need to lend something of ourselves to another. And times when we need to be given that in return. We are not an island. Or a monoculture that just takes from the land and gives nothing back. I wonder, what do you need? And what do you have that someone … Read more