Musing on the need for certainty


These days I spend much more time in the in-between space. Holding up the certainties of either side and wondering how useful they really are. Because living here in the valley, immersed in the entangled rhythm of life, I know that death is the only certainty. And even that is a transition.

The challenge of entangled fruitfulness


How do you pick your plums, apples, or any fruit you eat? You likely take them off the supermarket shelf, ready selected and potentially wrapped. And because most of our fruit is grown in highly engineered monoculture, picking will be a uniform, mechanically assisted process. But at what cost? There’s an obvious cost to the … Read more

The solace of self-deficiency


Recognising we need travelling companions doesn’t automatically lead us to a ‘less-than’ perspective of ourselves. Here are Gideon Heugh’s insights, with a glorious mixture of creative prose and poetic wisdom: Embracing your self-deficiency ‘Sometimes you can’t make it on your own’. Bono had it right, apart from for that first bit. There’s no ‘sometimes’ about … Read more

Perhaps we’re more like mycelium


We think we think. And we think we make decisions based on thinking. But what if we’re simply feeling our way forward and rationalising what we decide? Thinking after the event. ~ Appreciating the delightful insights of my friend Steve Done – after Merlin Sheldrake’s Entangled Life – perhaps we’re more like mycelium than we … Read more

On living an entangled life


We may have an urge to tidy up. To sort things out or make them clearer. And sometimes, that is precisely what is required. Especially when we are threatened by overwhelm. Yet more often, we need the humility and courage to recognise that real life is gloriously complex. And that we need to live it … Read more