The solace of self-deficiency

Recognising we need travelling companions doesn’t automatically lead us to a ‘less-than’ perspective of ourselves.

Here are Gideon Heugh’s insights, with a glorious mixture of creative prose and poetic wisdom:

Embracing your self-deficiency

‘Sometimes you can’t make it on your own’. Bono had it right, apart from for that first bit. There’s no ‘sometimes’ about it.

Our culture worships the individual. The self-made. The self-sufficient. Self-help. Self-care. Do-it-yourself.

Cue an explosion of loneliness.

No one is self-sufficient. You alone cannot entirely care for yourself. It’s about time we embraced that fact, and surrendered full-heartedly into the one-ness, the inter-connectedness, the relationality of existence.

We are not simply individuals. We are part of this world; and this world is part of us.
We need the air.
We need the soil.
We need the insects and the worms.
We need the sun and the rain.
We need the mass of our planet.
We need the bacteria that fill our guts.
We need the trees and the grass and the plants.
We need friendship.
We need community.
We need helping hands and shoulders to cry on
We need each other.
We need each other.
We need each other.

And each other needs you.

 + Gideon Heugh, July 20, 2021

~ Thanks to Helen Hunter for sharing this gem.