The delight of not being singular


Our English language values precision. Words sit in boxes. And we talk about “dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s.” Yet life is not singular, and neither is action discrete. We live on a connected continuum. I do, and I keep on doing – present continuous. And who I am is an expression of being, … Read more

Announcing your place in the family of things


We all want to belong. Though we’re not always sure of where or with whom. And some of us have a hard time finding our place because there are conflicting pulls on our identity. We don’t fit neatly into boxes. So exploring the shift that I think is going on – both personally and generally … Read more

Names are important


Owning who we are requires our accepting a name. This is the gift we wear that shapes our reflection and our voice. What name do you go by? Maybe it’s more important than you realise. ~ Spending time with our alpacas while shearing them reminds us why we gave them the names we did! This … Read more

Knowing in an astonishing plurality


Our language is framed around the individual. Yet there is no singular you or me, just the appearance of individuality. And while we are each gloriously distinctive, we are always us. The us of hereditary and community. We didn’t birth ourselves, and our nurturing utterly relied on others. And now, we are interdependent partners in … Read more

Letting go to see the new


We know we can’t pick up anything more when we physically have our hands full. It’s impossible. Yet, how often do we hold on tightly to ideas and identities that might have served us well in the past? Not realising that we can’t see the new connections if we don’t let go. Or is this … Read more

Let’s look with a different lens


YOU You are a wild and gleeful thing,nudged by lavish gracetowards all the astonishments,and nothing can stop itor you. You are not a mistake.The earth aches for your singular life,for the miracle radianceof purely, specificallyyou. The shakings and the dark noisesof a man-made worldcannot compete with your hallelujah blood,your hosanna spirit,or with the gentle fury … Read more