On being known

We do not see ourselvesthe way that others see us,yet we are known. Known since before –before we knew, or evenasked the question: who am I? Known not in isolation,a number or location,but known in connection: who we are Indivisible, eternal and temporal,known in being, becauseto be known is to be loved.


Breathing in the place of deep connection

We may feel powerless, insignificantbut we can breathe,in and out. Choosing life and hope,over death and despair. Present, while separate,keeping hold of humanity’s threads,  remembering, we are all connected.


Nameless – another isolation

Names are important. If we are not known, we are disconnected. Being, or choosing to be, nameless is another isolation. Let’s own our name and honour others

seeing and being seen

Seeing and being seen

A chilly north wind invited a different path this morning. And the sunshine across the lake beckoned. Higher up and more open than my usual woodland thinking space. Plus a bank to sit on and observe the diversity of life all around. However, seeing more means I can be seen too. That comes with the …

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Seasonal time

Few of us live with the seasons now. We are insulated, cocooned in a world that has ‘tamed nature.’ Except we haven’t. And we can’t. In fact, our wanting to be shielded from the rawness of life is destroying nature. We are complicit. But we can recover. Perhaps the first steps are to pay more …

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