Smiling with gratitude for life


You might see a mushroom in less than its prime. And wish for what might have been. I smile.  Because I see a feast enjoyed and a living demonstration of interdependence. That also means picking up a dead mole further along the path and tossing them into the undergrowth to continue their part in the … Read more

Seeing with the eyes of our heart


Even in our most alone-ness, we are not alone. The earth beneath our feet teems with more life than we can imagine. While the air we breathe is shared with others across space and time, irrespective of status. And the flow of water continues its forever circularity through the tiniest cavities and the greatest of … Read more

Knowing in an astonishing plurality


Our language is framed around the individual. Yet there is no singular you or me, just the appearance of individuality. And while we are each gloriously distinctive, we are always us. The us of hereditary and community. We didn’t birth ourselves, and our nurturing utterly relied on others. And now, we are interdependent partners in … Read more