On the cusp of time

Where is the pathon the cusp of time?The invitation to walk fromknowing to unknowing. To see the change in seasonripening before our eyes,while whispering farewellsto lives once lived. Nothing is held formore than a moment.These are just spaceswe dance within. ~ After feeding the alpacas, I climbed up the hillside, watching the flow of seasons …

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Today, this one-of-a-kind day

This dayI rise andchoose to bepresent. Not carryingmy yesterdaysor tomorrows. Instead,noticing theone-of-a-kind giftsof today,with gratitudeand grace.


Where can we find our gift of appreciation?

Where do we lookwith appreciation,and where doesthe flower ofgratitude bloom?Right here, now,in front of us –inside, beneathand above us.Here, now,as we gaze withexpectant eyes,and open hearts.Can you smellits fragrance?


Earth gifts

The earth, this beautiful world we live in, is a gift, given with a smile. And gifts are for delighting in and cherishing. It’s not polite to just take without giving thanks or giving in return.



What if…enoughwas ajourneyfrom gratitudeto generosity?

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