Gratitude and generosity

gratitude and generosity

Who are the most generous people you know? Not lavish with underlying intent. Or necessarily giving out of material abundance. But generous in attitude and action. How we benefit isn’t always tangible, but we are always enlarged by being with them. We’re drawn into their presence, even if it’s remotely through what they write, share … Read more

Thanksgiving + Hope + Grace

thanksgiving hope grace

Thanksgiving – unlocking gratitude and appreciation Hope – not for, but in Grace – generosity of spirit from, to and through Thank you for who you are uniquely, and what you bring into the world. May your heart be full of compassion and generosity as you know you are loved and appreciated. And may you … Read more

What’s the real value?

whats the real value

I can often get distracted by what I haven’t got, what I can’t do. Things I think will stop me making the difference I want to see. But the reality is that when I look around at the people who are making the greatest long-term impact, they aren’t those with the most. Yes, ‘most’ can … Read more

Find your way to celebrate!

Celebration is vital! It’s not just about the big things. In fact, it’s even better if we start small. By noticing the little things. The small steps. And those things that bring a smile to our face (and inner being). It reminds us about what is important to us and puts a ‘golden thread’ through … Read more