Located in space

Where is your space? Is it defined by walls or shaped by ideas? And is it charted by geography or relationships? Is your space internal or external? And how much is it coloured by expectations – yours and others? I wonder, where is your space, do you know? Yet, I do know that your space …

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I don’t know…

These three words create one of the most liberating and devastating phrases in our vocabulary. Ten characters that we either speak as invitation or resignation. What are they to you?


Crossing thresholds

When we talk about personal change we use phrases like stepping up, stepping out, or even stepping down. They all convey movement, but also a sense of geographical shift. From here to there. So I wonder why we assume it’s going to be easy? Perhaps it’s an unhelpful mindset that suggests that if it’s difficult …

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Choices are rarely binary

Yet we treat them as if they are. Either it’s this or that. Choose. But rarely do we encounter such clear cut divisions in our complex world or organic lives. Big decisions are made up of a myriad of tiny little choices – many seemingly unconnected – made along the way. Plus a lot of …

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