Hymn to Time

This is the title of a profoundly beautiful poem by Ursula K Le Guin. Part of her last collection of poetry, she gathers a lifetime of wonderings in these words: HYMN TO TIME Time says “Let there be”every moment and instantlythere is space and the radianceof each bright galaxy. And eyes beholding radiance.And the gnats’ …

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It’s time to open wide the gates

Given the current climate challenge, I decided against ‘opening the floodgates’. However, there is something gloriously abundant about slowing down, being quiet and appreciating hope and joy. Especially when we become more connected with each other and this astonishingly beautiful earth we call home. We start to notice shifts. Our way of seeing stretches wide …

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Evidence of exuberant life!

Life is bursting out here in the valley. I love these early signs of renewal and regeneration, especially those that appear ‘over the top’ (is that just an English phrase?) Exuberance: the quality of being full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness Isn’t that wonderful? These willow buds are just that, and somehow, we need a …

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