It’s time to open wide the gates

Given the current climate challenge, I decided against ‘opening the floodgates’.

However, there is something gloriously abundant about slowing down, being quiet and appreciating hope and joy. Especially when we become more connected with each other and this astonishingly beautiful earth we call home.

We start to notice shifts. Our way of seeing stretches wide open, and possibilities emerge that previously might have felt somewhat distant.

Breathing more deeply now, our sense of being here becomes more grounded, and the steps we take feel less daunting.

What has changed?

We have.

And perhaps we are now ready to open the gates and walk through, becoming the change we want to see in our world.

Letting poetry in…

Poetry helps. Though not in the way we tend to think.

It’s not about going off into some other world but being here in a different light.


You don’t need to hide
from your doubts.

Let them come to you.
Let them fill you
with their peculiar magic
and show you
that the path is generous,
that it will accept more questions
than you could possibly ask.

Let your uncertainty
be the teacher you always needed –
the one who smiles
with a glint in their eye
and answers, ‘Maybe.’

+ Gideon Heugh, from ‘Rumours of Light’, 2021

Celebrating those poets and poetic writers who have walked with us this week. Mine have included: Albert Camus; Rebecca Solnit; Pablo Neruda; Martin Wroe; Nikita Gill; and, of course, Gideon Heugh. Who have you chosen to walk with?

Go well because it’s time to open the gates wide.


This week

Has been in delightful company – the poets and yours. Thank you for being here.

And… if you want any more, then take a listen to my Introduction to Quiet Disruptors on Tania Marien’s Talaterra Podcast episode 108