On being above the line

The chill of the fog hung in the valley like a cold weight. And walking up to the boy’s fields, higher on the hillside, felt laboured. Until I passed the line where the sun broke through. Slanting across the valley from the other side, it brought everything to life. And me to warmth. Nothing changed, …

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Being present together

Why fill up the space?Let’s breathe together instead… If we sit together, especially in companionable silence, our breathing tends to synchronise over time. Interesting, isn’t it? The research suggests this isn’t the result of intention, merely of proximity and the absence of words we use to occupy the gap. I wonder if this has wider …

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Seeing our place

As a woman of a certain age, I have a visceral reaction to the idea of being ‘in my place’. It suggests a box. And I don’t like boxes. However, Thomas Merton’s insights on the responsibilities of humans to their own time and place has stirred something from which I cannot excuse myself. Instead, it …

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