And down came the rain

Simple drizzle, little drops leisurely finding their way to earth. Followed by sheets. Driving curtains of rain penetrating every crack, horizontal and vertical. Subsiding, then changing its mind and inviting the wind along for the ride. Calm, and the promise of light shafting through the clouds. Life feels like this sometimes. Just when we think …

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Blessing our world now

John O’Donohue has a profoundly insightful piece in the narrative of Benedictus: A Book of Blessings. He recognises that when we face the world’s darkness, it can cause us to retreat into our private little corners. Firmly closing the door of helplessness behind us. Yet, this gives our power away when we are people of …

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Daring to come close enough

When all is stripped away, sometimes, just sometimes, we have a precious chance to see hidden beauty. And it takes courage to dare to come that close.


Being present together

Why fill up the space?Let’s breathe together instead… If we sit together, especially in companionable silence, our breathing tends to synchronise over time. Interesting, isn’t it? The research suggests this isn’t the result of intention, merely of proximity and the absence of words we use to occupy the gap. I wonder if this has wider …

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