Blessing our world now


John O’Donohue has a profoundly insightful piece in the narrative of Benedictus: A Book of Blessings. He recognises that when we face the world’s darkness, it can cause us to retreat into our private little corners. Firmly closing the door of helplessness behind us. Yet, this gives our power away when we are people of … Read more

Words change us, one word at a time


Words shape us. They are our tools to describe, define and communicate. Both to ourselves and to each other, sometimes as weapons yet often as a gift. Our particular culture’s words frame how we see, think, and feel. And to a large extent, it determines how we react. So how can we transform our world … Read more

An everyday invitation to be-come


I appreciate hearing how these little daily thoughts land out in the big wide world. Yesterday, Phil Steer wrote: ‘Reading your words it occurred to me that “become” brings together both aspects: a living “in the now” with things as they are (“be”) and a call onwards to something more (“come”).’ I love how this captures … Read more

Words in transformation


Make roomfor what is precious,take timeto see your world;and know thatyou are lovedand appreciatedand seen,even if youcan’t see yourself. Our wordsshape what we see,creating our senseof reality,filtering our emotions.Let’s chooseour words wisely.They colourthe mirrorinto which we gaze. Isn’t it wonderful that we are talking about words and conversations at last?  We are human beings, and … Read more



What kind of metamorphosis are we going through? Is this just a change of clothes, or a change of substance? This threshold is not just a doorway to another room, with different decor. It’s a boundary to another place. But we cannot go there as we are. We have to change. To let the threshold … Read more