An everyday invitation to be-come

I appreciate hearing how these little daily thoughts land out in the big wide world.

Yesterday, Phil Steer wrote:

‘Reading your words it occurred to me that “become” brings together both aspects: a living “in the now” with things as they are (“be”) and a call onwards to something more (“come”).’

I love how this captures the brilliant dynamic of becoming.

Not waiting until we think we’ve achieved a standard or believe there aren’t any more cracks below the surface to fracture our ‘authenticity’.

Trusting that where we are right now is the best place to be. And choosing to give it our full attention.

Yet, at the same time, leaning forward and committing to the momentum of our life’s calling and the hope of transformation. Because we’re certainly not there at the moment!

It’s a false dichotomy to think we have to choose between being present and wanting to be part of a different future.

Instead, we can grasp the tension and use its energy to open up how we see ourselves and the world around us.

And be-come the change we wish to see.

Because change is not a future event, it’s an emerging transformation from the present. Every day.

~ The first daffodil.