A glimpse at the turning point

What’s that shimmeringin the corner of my eye?Unexpectedly expected,it’s been hovering there a while, soundless, patientlywaiting to be noticed.It’s the turning pointwe only understandafter it’s happened.



What kind of metamorphosis are we going through? Is this just a change of clothes, or a change of substance? This threshold is not just a doorway to another room, with different decor. It’s a boundary to another place. But we cannot go there as we are. We have to change. To let the threshold …

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Leaning into the light

Our journey in crossing thresholds takes us to places we might not expect. Here is my week of daily writings on leaning into the light. Enjoy.


This present waiting…

The idea of liminal space is powerful. It is the time between the ‘what was’ and ‘the next’. Essentially it is a place of transition. Of waiting and not fully knowing. In our humanness, we often want to run away from this place. It can be uncomfortable and the feeling of loss of control goes …

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