Pausing to say yes

Reflections on a week of thresholds and stories, both of ours and those around us. Each of which invite us to pause and say yes.


Crossing thresholds

When we talk about personal change we use phrases like stepping up, stepping out, or even stepping down. They all convey movement, but also a sense of geographical shift. From here to there. So I wonder why we assume it’s going to be easy? Perhaps it’s an unhelpful mindset that suggests that if it’s difficult …

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Letting go…

To become a butterfly and blaze with colour in the sunlight you have to let go of who you thought you were of what you thought you were and of who others believed you to be letting go of words that were spoken to you and you spoke over yourself that shaped and held you …

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We are in a time of transition – thresholds everywhere! How can we face them with more courage and hope, and embrace the unknown?

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