Pausing to say yes

I’ve been particularly conscious of thresholds and transitions recently (you’ve probably noticed…)

The start of the year took us over a threshold together. This was our collective experience, even though we may have viewed it from multiple perspectives.

We didn’t have a choice about whether or not to cross.

However, there are other thresholds we may not traverse. These are for others to do. We can only cheer them on from the sidelines.

But then there are our thresholds. The transitions that are particular to us. At this time. Now. Which offer an alternative way of being.

And for these, we do have a choice.

Like doors opening, we can choose whether to go through. And we can choose how to cross the threshold.

Pausing to say yes

These are the invitations. The possibilities to be enlarged in our story. To stretch into unknown territory.

Saying yes is a choice.

It’s a choice to let go – of things that defined and shaped us. But which now only constrain us.

And it’s a choice to embrace a different narrative. New words for a new season. To experiment and try out the creatively new.

This week I have paused on my own threshold, being aware of the unknown, yet knowing I cannot stay where I am. But if I didn’t step forward then I would be settling for less.

‘Yes’ wasn’t difficult, but it did need to be said. Intentionally, deliberately, and with a deep breath.

Here’s the thing – it didn’t seem to be such a big deal until I stepped over it…

However, I’m also standing at thresholds that others are facing. Some I can walk over with them. But for others, this is their journey. Their crossing.

I can cheer them on, but ultimately it’s their ‘yes’.

So where can we find courage and hope in this process of transition?

A Prayer for 2020

A couple of weeks ago Chris Matthews introduced me to the emerging poet Gideon Heugh. His poem for the year is still as relevant as it was on 1st January.

A Prayer for 2020

May this be a year
in which we slow down,
pay close attention,
pause, breathe, be still.

May this be a year
in which we reconnect with nature,
use all of our senses
and re-tune our souls to wonder.

May this be a year
in which we are kinder
to the Earth, to each other
and to ourselves.

May this be a year
in which we say no:
no to busyness, no to more stuff,
no to anger and hatred and despair.

May this be a year
in which we say yes:
yes to stargazing, yes to birdsong,
yes to hope and forgiveness and love.

May this be a year
in which our minds are open,
our arms wide,
our hearts full.

Gideon Heugh, 1st January 2020

Isn’t this wonderful?

Yes to stargazing, yes to birdsong, yes to hope and forgiveness and love...

Please do pause and savour this invitation and let it work its way into your life.

Gideon kindly gave me permission to reproduce it in full. You can find out more at Gideon Heugh.

Go gently with courage and hope as you step forward this week.


This week

As well as thinking about thresholds and transitions, I’ve also been delighting in who we are as a creative work in progress. We are our story and we have more to explore.